Beyond Good and Atonal #1 (sheet music)

Keyboard works 1964-2014: suites, pieces & fragments

These keyboard pieces range from short and simple etudes for piano beginners to works employing somewhat more complex textures and techniques. Of course, ‘keyboard’ means that the chosen instrument can (for many but not all of the pieces) be something other than an acoustic piano. For example, a cembalo (harpsichord) or a church organ, or an electronic keyboard with suitable instrument sounds. The music in the album can be played as a suite of works in a piano recital, or be performed in any order and selection of numbers from the collection, as the player finds necessary, tasteful and enjoyable. The pieces Intransitive mezzoLady M pays a visit to a painterDancing polar bearsNew blue shoes, and Campanula pianoforte, are perhaps best played in that order, as they are from a work that has been called ”Sonata Something”, but are more like a suite than a proper sonata. The title of the nostalgic waltz theme, Katie Maurice, is alluding to a character, an imaginary friend, mentioned in Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The finale piece, Yin & Yang, has been characterized by a fellow composer as written in a ”Bartók-ish music hall” style.

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